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The payment is refunded automatically within 24 hours via the payment method chosen for the transaction.

If a service or product order is partially paid by a voucher, the amount is refunded as follows:

  • The total amount of User cashout is refunded via the chosen payment method used in the transaction
  • The total amount paid by the voucher is replenished with the same voucher type and same quantity of voucher
Once the payment has been refunded, a notification is sent via SMS.;
If the refund is not credited within the specified timeframe above, Users can reach out to Wellness Representatives via in-app messages. The following details must be included:
  • User Mobile Number
  • User Name
  • Transaction ID
  • Issue/Concern


Apply the Voucher Code in the Checkout Page under “Apply a Promo Code”. Make sure that the Voucher Code is applicable to the service or product you are purchasing.

If a Voucher Code was given to you by your Company or by any Partner Brands of KonsultaMD, you can enter your Voucher Code in the app homepage.